Child Minding

Child Minding at “THE TREE HOUSE”

Monday – Friday 9am – 11am
Saturday – 8am – 11am

No bookings required

As part of our service, child minding is available at the Tree House at a small cost of $2 per child and $1 dollar for subsequent children.

We now also offer a 10 visit pass to purchase for 1 child for $15. And a 20 visit pass for 2 children (10 visits each) for $20.

As the treehouse is an adjunct care facility parents are required to remain in the centre at all times. Please bring along a piece of fruit or a healthy snack and water during their care time ( NO peanuts).

Here at Maryborough Fitness, Health and Bodyworks we pride ourselves in providing a safe, healthy, family friendly environment. Children over 7 or 8 years old are usually happy enough to play with the electronic hand held games they bring from home while their parents are working out.