Student Info

Information for Parents and Student so you know what to expect:

Individual personalised assessments and training programs tailored specifically to the participant’s age, ability, needs and goals. We take into account any sports they are undertaking (whether they need speed rather than strength or endurance over power). This increases their abilities on the sports field which also enhances their sense of achievement.

Ongoing program reviews which takes into account their ongoing improvements.
Each Student’s program is individually designed to keep them focused and motivated allowing them to achieve their health and fitness goals.

Basic nutritional guidance is provided on an as needs basis. During the induction to their exercise program we explain how the human body metabolises food.

We do all of the consultations, training and program reviews with their goals and targets in mind. We work in with any instructions provided by the parents, Nutritionists or Medical Practitioner.

We invite Parents to come into the Maryborough Fitness Health and Bodyworks Center to discuss their child’s fitness programs with a certified trainer where they will discuss their child’s progress with them. (Appointments to meet with a Trainer may be required – depending upon availability – give us a call on (07) 4123 1433 to check.)

We encourage parental involvement. It is important that after training they continue with the positive motivations at home. Parents can assist their children to continue this exciting new way of looking at themselves as their self esteem is enhanced

Expected Benefits

  • Improved self esteem
  • More self confidence
  • Increased fitness
  • Improved overall health benefits
  • Increased cardiovascular fitness
  • Better sleeping habits
  • Increased physical strength
  • Improved posture
  • Weight control (not emphasis on weight loss)
  • Getting the children working WITH their bodies, which potentially gives them a longer life expectancy with a fitter body

Students taking part in regular exercise programs gain better communication and social interaction skills. This is helped by being away from the computer and interacting with their peers in a safe, controlled, fun environment as their bodies grow stronger and they feel better about themselves learning to manage their own health and fitness needs into the future so they will continue to make healthier lifestyle decisions as they grow into adulthood.

Regular exercise helps people reduced anxiety, thus enabling them to better cope with any study stresses etc. As children come into their teenage years, their bodies are flooded with naturally produced growth hormones. Exercise improves utilization of the growth hormones which help build strong bodies. Teenagers usually have so much energy to burn and often experience mood swings due to their hormones.  A great option for many reasons is for them to engage in the variety of fitness activities that we offer.

Exercise is a great way to let of steam.

It gives the student and parent ‘time away from each other’ so each can pursue their own fitness levels and/or personal goals.

We encourage the parents to look at their own fitness goals. We are always here to assist the parents – especially if they are contemplating returning to the workforce after a prolonged break.

The Students will always have:

  • Someone to talk to about their personal fitness goals as their bodies change.
  • Supervised environment at all times.
  • Social interaction with their peers.
  • This is a SAFE PLACE. It is essential for everyone to feel safe when undertaking a new skill or improving their existing skill sets.
  • A professionally run Fitness Center – with Qualified Staff.
  • Students will always have guidance appropriate to their needs and age group.
  • Local youth sporting groups have found that by using our facilities it enhances their team’s esprit de corps.
  • Sports specific training for sporting groups can be provided.